Celebrating 36 Years

Kilian Hoffer, Master Carpenter

KilianPrior to beginning his career as a carpenter, Kilian worked in the commercial art industry drawing storyboards for advertisements. After several years in this field, he realized that working at a

 desk was not for him. Kilian discovered his niche in carpentry when he began helping his friends with their projects. He worked for another Twin Cities contractor for twenty years before joining the TreHus team in 2007.

Kilian enjoys the remodeling aspects of carpentry best, especially the challenge of making a new space fit seamlessly with the original house. He also likes collaborating with homeowners on projects to create a customized space that meets their needs and tastes. Working closely with the other TreHus carpenters is something Kilian appreciates about this line of work.

When not working at TreHus, Kilian enjoys working on his own woodworking projects and always has remodeling projects going on in his home. This is a hobby that he shares with his wife, Kimberly, who has an interest in and a creative bent for interior design.

In addition to his carpentry endeavors, Kilian likes to stay active playing hockey and rollerblading. He has also been involved in Big Brothers for many years. Kilian and his wife reside in the Twin Cities.