Celebrating 38 Years

Aaron Fitch, Carpenter

Aaron Fitch is a third-generation carpenter growing up watching his Uncle and Grandpa turn locally harvested trees into fine furniture and homes.  His Grandpa designed and built homes his entire life which inspired him to attempt to do the same.

Aaron attended a University where he spent 5 years studying a variety of different subjects which happened to result in a degree in Global Studies and a Minor in Sustainability Studies.  Throughout his high school and college career he worked construction over the summers.  After college, he wanted to do more active work so he got into working the trades year-round.  Studying sustainability influenced his interests when choosing materials and influenced his decision to get involved with Rammed Earth Vernacular homes.

In Aarons free time he enjoys going on climbing trips and camping.

He also loves working on older homes and preserving, restoring their turn of the century charm.