Celebrating 41 Years

Brittany Hanson, Interior Designer

The ‘do what you love and never work a day in your life’ phrase is heartfelt for Brittany. Originally going to college to become an Accountant, a class pushing this phrase helped Brittany realize what she loved to do and her dream career. After a change in major, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design.

Originally from Iowa, Brittany and her husband Logan, high school sweethearts, moved to ‘the big city’ to find jobs and grow their lives together. After spending 6 years in the commercial side of interior design, primarily for workspaces such as legal and financial offices, Brittany couldn’t deny her love for residential any longer. In 2021 she began searching for a residential firm with the respect for design that she was looking for and happily joined the TreHus team.

She loves the relationship that can be built with clients and the mutual trust that grows. Helping make their dreams a reality is always fulfilling to Brittany. Adding to her qualifications, she completed her NCIDQ certification, which upholds the knowledge that Brittany has to design and execute safe and effective environments.

When not working, Brittany is trying new activities. Some of her favorite experiences were ziplining over the Mississippi River during the Superbowl in Minneapolis and hiking/rock climbing part of a mountain in Alaska while on her honeymoon. She loves making connections with people, reading, and crafting in various different mediums. Brittany livcolores in Plymouth with her husband and two dogs.