Celebrating 40 Years

Loft Remodel & Condo Addition

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Since 1911, this historic South Minneapolis building has served a variety of purposes. Among other things, it has served as a meeting place for business men and women and a masonic lodge. In 2001, its current owner hired TreHus to turn the top floor of the building into a living space, including a bedroom, bathroom, and porch overlooking the neighborhood. The bulk of the space is open, and can be used as a basketball court, performing space, movie theater, and meeting area. The remodel includes many unique features, such as an arched zinc ceiling, a marquee with replaceable letters, the original metal cabinets from the masonic lodge, and a full-sized elevator. Then, in 2009, the owner hired TreHus to add a condo onto the back of the building to make room for family. The new two-story addition gives them three new bedrooms and two new bathrooms. The two floors are connected by a spiral staircase.