Celebrating 42 Years

About Us

I was deeply moved by the words “Not for us alone,” chiseled in stone above the entrance to the Stan Hywet mansion in Akron, Ohio. The owners, in their first Christmas card, penned these words: “Our builders all gave more than their time, they wrought with love and made a shrine.” What a beautiful symmetry of ideas! The love of beauty, a desire to share, and an appreciation for those who labor. These are the very concepts that ignited my own heart over twenty five years ago in the birthing of TreHus.

We have since evolved into a premier design and remodeling company. Our experienced, knowledgeable architectural and design staff partner closely with our craftsmen and project managers.

It is our intent to make the highly complex process of remodeling a pleasant and rewarding experience. We have extensive experience in older homes where details such as “ball tipped’ versus “steeple tipped” hinges contribute as much as the roof line. We also enjoy contemporary style or even expanding a ranch style home. We have produced some of the most beautiful home transformations in the Twin Cities. In the end, it is about you and how you interact with your home that is important to us.

Please take a few moments to get to know us and let us know if we can serve you.

David Amundson
Founder of TreHus