Celebrating 42 Years



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TreHus Principles to Work By:

  1. Two or more people working together as a team can achieve far more than anyone person can achieve alone.
  2. There is no such thing as a simple job.
  3. Pursue excellence and the money will follow.
  4. Patience and perseverance will pay off.
  5. Buy the best tools and hire the finest craftsmen.
  6. Systems are meant to serve us so that we can serve others better.
  7. We are all entrepreneurs. We are all businessmen. We are all craftsmen.
  8. If we fail or disappoint our clients we have first failed or disappointed ourselves because we serve our clients by being true to our ideals.
  9. We must teach our skills and our values to others.
  10. We will create a working environment that is pleasant, professional, peaceful, safe, conducive to learning, and rigorous. What we do is a byproduct of who we are.
  11. We will not neglect our families and our personal lives. Yes, we will work hard and sometimes we will work long hours, but on the whole, we will live balanced lives.
  12. We will serve our community. We want our business to contribute to our culture as well as provide a living for each of us.
  13. Each person in the company will plan for the future. If you are only providing for immediate needs, you are not making a living.
  14. We will be organized, efficient, honest, and respectful of others.
  15. We will always ‘look for a better way’ to do the things we do.
  16. Education is an investment, not an expense.
  17. Control of each worksite is of paramount importance. Understand the project. Know the customer. Manage the tradesmen.
  18. We cannot prevent every problem, but we will respond quickly and professionally.
  19. What we are paid hourly or as a salary is our minimum wage. As the market rewards us for excellence we will earn more. From the owner on down, all will be rewarded for achievement.
  20. We will show our appreciation to each customer in tangible ways. We will be their ‘contractor for life.’
  21. Craftsmanship is a learned art, but the desire to be a craftsman is birthed by the ideals within us and is sustained by our love of beauty.
  22. Craftsmanship was not birthed by our current business model that emphasizes efficiency, mass production, and the holy grail of profit margins.
  23. Therefore we must align ourselves with artisans, designers, and customers who share these values.
  24. Everyone is valuable. No one is indispensable.
  25. We are ‘culture bearers’. We are the last remnant in our culture to provide for the average person something that is custom-made for them as individuals. We start by understanding who they are and how they live and then create a home for their unique needs. No other industry does this for the common person.