Celebrating 42 Years


When it comes to remodeling, it’s all about finding balance. Our clients are excited, but often anxious about this complex process. At TreHus, we understand this feeling and believe that remodeling is never a simple job. That’s why we strive to manage all aspects of the project while being sensitive to your expectations.

Our design/build process is designed to meet this challenge. With our system, you become a key part of a team that includes a member of the TreHus architectural and design staff and a TreHus project manager. Our goal is to create a collaborative environment and provide you with realistic expectations within your spending limits, allowing you to make informed decisions about your design choices.

While projects can vary greatly, from a simple bathroom remodel to a complex whole-house renovation, the basic steps in the design process remain the same.



Phase 1: Feasibility Study

When you first contact TreHus, we will schedule a time to visit you in your home. There is no charge for this initial meeting.

After the initial meeting, we will determine the cost of providing you with the necessary design drawings and present you with a design contract and proposed design schedule.

Finally, we will measure your home, take photographs, and complete our Existing Conditions Checklist. The overall concept for the work to be done will be presented for your approval. You will receive a comprehensive financial analysis, and we will all have a much better idea of the scope of your project—including a budget. There is, however, still a lot of work to do!

Phase 2: Project Development

Having determined that we’re on the right track with the feasibility study, we enter the Project Development phase of your project. Detailed blueprints showing structural components, an electrical plan, necessary details, and elevations are developed at this point. We will assist you in making product selections so the planning process can proceed in a timely manner.

After the blueprints are approved by you, TreHus will meet with selected subcontractors in your home, and the project will be priced.

A final meeting will be held to present the final project price and construction documents to you.

Be forewarned—this is a time-consuming process because so much careful planning is involved. But, this is the stage that is the most critical to a successful project.

Phase 3: Construction

After construction documents are signed, TreHus prepares a construction timeline. There will be a pre–construction meeting with you so we can carefully work through the details of beginning construction on your home. All participants are notified with a Start of Work Notice, and products are ordered. Throughout the construction phase, our architectural and design staff will continue to consult with you to oversee any necessary adjustments to the project design or product selections.

Design/Build is an increasingly popular choice among homeowners and remodeling companies. And for good reason: We have found no better way of ensuring that the remodeling process runs smoothly, finishes on time, within budget, and fulfills your aesthetic wishes.


If you want to learn more, please contact us—we’d like to take some time to discuss your home remodeling dreams.