Celebrating 42 Years

Ben Spidahl, Senior Master Carpenter


Ben Spidahl grew up in rural Minnesota, where he learned to value hard work, integrity, and the beauty of the natural world. A builder at heart and a craftsman by trade, Ben enjoys creating structures and spaces whose forms both reflect and accentuate their surroundings. In the pursuit of crafting homes with lasting beauty, Ben draws on over fifteen years of experience as a carpenter, timber frame builder, and furniture maker.

With a BA in History from the University of Montana, Ben appreciates how remodeling combines past building techniques with modern construction knowledge and designs. A passion for environmental stewardship also informs Ben’s approach to building. He recognizes that remodeling an existing structure not only improves its form and functionality but also increases its energy efficiency and longevity. Furthermore, the restoration of older homes keeps their history alive.

Besides working for TreHus, Ben has operated his own business and worked in new home and timber frame construction in Montana, Colorado, and greater Minnesota. Outside of work, Ben enjoys building saunas and furniture, playing music, coaching youth soccer, and going on adventures with his two children.

Ben and his family live in the oldest house on the block in their St. Paul neighborhood.