Celebrating 41 Years

Pat McCann, Project Manager

After graduating from Brown University with a degree in psychology, Pat realized that he wanted to pursue a career in something that required not only intellectual activity but also physical energy. He worked for a moving company during high school and college and finally as a laborer before beginning a career in carpentry. He moved from Oregon to Minnesota to join the TreHus team as a master carpenter and, in 2021, Pat started as a Project Manager.

In addition to his work with TreHus, Pat enjoys woodworking in is spare time, including making furniture. He remodeled his own house, building a studio living space in his basement and added dormers to the upstairs in which he leases. He still owns the property and continues to rent it to tenants.

Pat lives an active lifestyle and participates in triathlons and bike races. He lives with his wife in Minneapolis.