Celebrating 42 Years

Pat McCann, Project Manager

Pat graduated from Brown University in 2004 with a degree in psychology. This was during a housing boom, so as a 22-year-old, he thought he could make some easy money by remodeling houses. To learn carpentry, he got his first job with a construction company where he mostly broke concrete. He bought a small house in Oregon while making $12 per hour. It turns out that learning to be a carpenter was a lot harder than Pat expected. The economy also crashed when he planned to sell that first house. While the easy money never materialized, Pat loved the challenge of working in the remodeling industry. He continued working to develop his skill and knowledge as a carpenter. Pat started with TreHus in 2011 when he moved to Minnesota and has since become a project manager.

Pat has done two amazing remodels on homes he owned and worked on hundreds of projects professionally over the years. He is still amazed at the unique challenges and opportunities each project presents.

Besides remodeling homes, Pat has many hobbies that he is passionate about. Most of these involve some weird type of exercise.